Sweet Heart

'Sweet Heart' is a VFX short film which was produced within twelve weeks, by 3rd year animation and VFX students at Escape Studios in London. It is written by Liam Mann and directed by Liam Mann and Shenaaz Suliman.

The story is about two male wedding figurines that fall in love but are missmatched by the baker when placing them on top of the wedding cake.

Director: Liam Mann
Co-director: Shenaaz Suliman
Producer: Emmanouil Zervoudakis
Writer: Liam Mann
Storyboarding: Chanakan Jeffries
Editor: Emmanouil Zervoudakis
Concept Art: Montse Larqué Ferrer, Shessy Idowu, Chanakan Jeffries
Colour Script: Ella Grunberger
Director of Photography: Clement Gharini
Music: Maria Cortes-Monroy
Sound Design: Mihail Sustov
Rigging: Molly McCabe
Animation Lead: Montse Larqué Ferrer
Animation: Liam Mann, Shenaaz Suliman, Ella Grunberger, Chanakan Jeffries, Shessy Idowu, Cameron Haley
3D Lead: Efthymis Bairaktaris
Modelling: Recep Atalmis, Frankie Elliott, Reece Roberts, Daniella Benfield
MatchMove: Efthymis Bairaktaris
Texturing: Efthymis Bairaktaris, Frankie Elliott, Reece Roberts
Lighting: Shessy Idowu
Render TD: Efthymis Bairaktaris
2D Lead: Autul Sikdar
Compositing: Andrea Tomas, Jack Carine, Rahul Karavadra
Graphic Design: Daniella Benfield
Actor: Efthymis Bairaktaris

Special Thanks to: Michael Davies, Paul Harrison, Allar Kaasik, Mark Spevick, Andrew Brassington, Emma Braney, Sandra Chocholska, Juan Guiraldes, Jack Neale, Ricardo Zanarini, Aaron Hopwood and Kain Do