Beyond the Hill

“Beyond the Hill” takes place during the pandemic and shows the grief of a young girl losing her grandad while something unexpected comes into her life which brings hope.

Guilia Cervato - Director, Writer, 2D Animator and 2D Artist
Emmanouil Zervoudakis - Producer
Amedeo Beretta - Animation Director
Maria Cortes-Monroy - Music Compositor
Mihail Sustov - Foley Artist
Tom Perry - 3D Rigging and Shading
Michelle Fapanni - 3D Rigging and Shading
Paolo Amadini - 3D Animator
Shauna Ludgate - 3D Animator
Jake Lee - 3D Animator
Rola Hafez - 3D Animator
Liam Martin - 3D Animator
Oliver Gallagher - 3D Animator