Threaded Together

''Threaded Together'' is about a Needle who got separated from his friends and embarks on a journey of friendship with an uncooperative Spool. Only there is one small issue, they’re attached!
Their adventure leads them to dark and daunting places as they learn to work together, and find the very thing that tethers them, might be the answer to their problems!

Shauna Ludgate - Director, Writer, 3D Animator, Unreal Engine Lighting and Rendering
Emmanouil Zervoudakis - Producer, Editor, Unreal Engine Lighting and Rendering
Liam Martin - Writer, Lead Animator
Austin Hill - Storyboarding Artist
Oliver Gallagher - Character Design & Animator
Muhammed Mansoor - Animator
Aroosa Qureshi - Animator
Chanakan Jeffries - Animator & 2D Artist
Tsvetelina Kumanova - Animator & Colour Key Artist
Shenaaz Suliman - Animator
Ella Grunberger - Animator
Gary Roche - Animator
Nicole Widmer - Animator
Miriam Di Benedetto - Animator
Cameron Haley - Animator
Louis Chevis - Animator
Maria Cortes-Monroy - Music Compositor
Mihail Sustov - Foley Artist