Pet Shop

''Pet Shop'' is about the daily life of 4 furry friends waiting to be adopted. Duke is new in the shop and brings hope to the other pets that they will find a home, whilst finding a family within each other. The main story arc of the series is getting the characters adopted whilst causing chaos and making friends.

Check out my breakdown blog of the production process for Pet Shop:

- Director & Writer / Shauna Ludgate
- Producer / Emmanouil Zervoudakis
- Art Director / Tsvetelina Kumanova
- Storyboarding / Shauna Ludgate, Oliver Gallagher, Chanakan Jeffries, Tsvetelina Kumanova & Aroosa Qureshi
- Colour Script / Tsvetelina Kumanova
- 3D Layout / Muhammed Mansoor & Shauna Ludgate
- Modelling & Texturing / Tom Perry & Oliver Gallagher
- Rigging / Tom Perry
- Animation / Muhammed Mansoor, Tsvetelina Kumanova, Liam Martin, Oliver Gallagher, Shauna Ludgate, Aroosa Qureshi, Chanakan Jeffries, David Akinyose, Tom Perry & Derek Fead
- Lighting & Rendering / Shauna Ludgate & Muhammed Mansoor
- Compositing / Shauna Ludgate
- Original Music / Maria Cortes-Monroy
- Sound Design / Mihail Sustov
- Motion Graphics / Alice McCall
- Editing / Liam Martin & Emmanouil Zervoudakis
- Voice Acting / Cameron Bier (Duke), Ellie Wills (Bella) & Muhammed Mansoor (Victor)