Midnight Fire Drill | Short Animation

Hi everyone! This is a 20-day animation project that I created for uni (Escape Studios). It's called 'Midnight Fire Drill' and it's also my entry for the '11 Second Club' competition for October 2020!

Official website: www.11SecondClub.com

A teacher is doing one last round of checking before heading home but the fire alarm goes off. She finds a strange kid alone in the classroom pouring gasoline on the floor while a fire broke loose outside. Frightened she asks, 'What's happening?'. The kid looks at her with a carefree look and aggressively knocks off her lighter with the purpose of burning down the school.

Environments: cgtrader.com/alpess
Neka Rig: characterrigs.com/nekarig.html
Ferdinand Rig: animprops.com/artists/joanamar

3D Software: Maya
Renderer: Arnold
Post: NukeX & Premiere Pro

Let me know what you think!

October 22, 2020